Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MSM: Turned off or turning off?

There is a general feeling (here in the heartland) that the MSM cannot be trusted to just "do" the news; especially the Big 3 evening news machines.

The continuous decline in viewers forces us to ask: is the decline due to "turned off" viewers or to viewers turning them off?
In the past two weeks, Big 3 evening newscast viewership has actually declined by 360,000, or 1.6%. What's more, in percentage terms, viewership among "The Demo" of ages 25-54 has declined even further (220,000, down 3.1%).
My guess is the former; the human mind can only take so much dysfunction before it seeks to protect itself. Perhaps only history will know for sure.

In our home we expect at least the appearance of "fair and balanced."

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