Saturday, October 04, 2008

PALIN NOW: LA NOW Chapter head endorses Palin!

Perhaps John will step aside and let Sarah run?

Greta Van Susteren reports ...
Just got this email from FNC embed producer….as soon as it came in and I saw it, my eyes popped out!! I know this woman!! I read it to my husband…and he agrees! This endorsement is going to really going [sic] to cause a storm!! Hang on to your seat! Read!
From: Gomez, Serafin
Sent: Sat Oct 04 18:05:43 2008
Subject: Head of NOW. LA chapter Endorses Palin

Carson, CA-

The head of the LA chapter of National Organization for Women has just endorsed Gov Palin @ campaign rally. Not speaking [for] NOW or her chapter she said but as an individual. ” This is what a feminist looks like,” she just before handing it over to SLP.
Serafin Gomez
Producer, FNC Political Unit
Washington Bureau
A check of the California NOW site and the LA Chapter site (there is no LA Chapter web site) revealed no online response from NOW; a check on the National web site shows no response either (not that they are obligated to respond).

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  1. A response will be issued tomorrow from California NOW and posted on the CA NOW site. The National NOW PAC has endorsed Obama, and California NOW stands behind that.