Sunday, November 09, 2008

CONGO: Here we go again ... rape, torture, pillaging, and genocide!

The continuing rebel incursion into the DR Congo is Rwanda all over again. I sometimes wonder if ANYONE knows where and what Africa is?

While the world continues to have an erection over "The One" (h/t FL), rape, torture, and murder proceed unimpeded in the DR Congo, the third largest country by area in Africa.

The UN was shouldered with responsibility for finding a solution years ago ... long before the current war; their answer to the challenge was and is MONUC, which is nothing more than a subsidy for thousands of emasculated foreign military personnel. The EU sent its own contingent of troops as well ... so too the French.

In the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide, conservative and religious voices lifted a chorus of "never again," while numerous Western nations conducted inquiries into their failure to prevent the inhumanity ... yet here we are again.

We have well over 5 million (mostly civilian) native deaths directly or indirectly related to the DR Congo wars, yet the world watches and yawns; add
the genocide in Darfur and one should choke on the staggering loss of lives in Africa in the past decade.

The incompetence of our global structures to stop these tribal and regional conflicts and bring general peace to the continent speaks volumes about the state of 21st Century man and his creations.

If it weren't so damn irritating it would be laughable.

Raise a stink about this, write your leaders, write the UN, call newspapers. Do something!

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