Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MSM: The media, undergirded by cultural ignorance, reveals perverse fantasy!

Increasingly and suffocatingly, Americans are being exposed to MSM and liberal bias (h/t News Busters), a bias not always well hidden.


What's been revealing to this writer is their continued and persistent desire, on the one hand, for a Messiah figure in our national leadership and, on the other, for a royal family (h/t News Busters). As far back as March 2008, Kathleen Parker discussed the public's Messiah fixation.

I seriously doubt that anyone in the MSM or on the liberal left would acknowledge the existence of such a perversity in American politics, but I predict the existence of just such a phenomena will one day be reported by historians and political researchers as they uncover this kind of piffle ...
It’s a symbiosis in which shows such as “Access Hollywood” and “Entertainment Tonight” cover the Obama family like royalty, bringing back a Camelot mythology to the White House. In return, they are enjoying a ratings bump with unexpected staying power. [TV Week]

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  1. BHO mantra is right there with Bob The Builder.... Can we change it!!! Yes we can!! The only change, will be from the wallet.