Friday, November 28, 2008

NEWS MEDIA: Once in awhile!

Yes, every once in awhile someone puts fingers to keyboard (we used to say pen to paper) and writes something so clear, so prescient, so common-sensible that it needs to be passed on to others ... often.

Alan Nathan writes such a piece regarding the abysmal and embarrassing self-destruction of the national press in America ...
What chance do arguments have to rise and fall on their merits if they're framed by a seemingly party-owned press?

And once that party comes to power, won't its lackey journalists constitute a type of state-owned press? In other words (after Inauguration Day), how can the blushing news media keep from sharing President-elect Barack Obama's political bed - given they have already serviced his electoral needs?
[Washington Times]
Not a rhetorical question, by any means, but a question with only one possible answer.

Some day the whole lot will awaken and ask, "My god, my god, what have we done?"

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