Saturday, November 08, 2008

PALIN: Where the hell is McCain?

Though I have no evidence to prove that Sarah Palin is not guilty of all her unnamed critics say of her, other than her own denials and Rush Limbaugh's assertion that it's all lies, my gut tells me ...
  1. either someone in the Obama camp paid someone in the McCain camp to spread the rumors
  2. or it's a political hit job by those (perhaps in both parties) who feel threatened by a gifted female conservative
  3. or she's being set up by bitter McCain or even Obama loyalists
  4. or she is who I think she is ... Sarah Palin of Alaska, currently Governor of the State.

My questions are for John McCain:
  1. Where the hell are you?
  2. Why haven't you come to her defense?
  3. Why haven't you put the culprits in their place?
  4. Had you been elected, are these people those who would have formed your administration?
  5. Tell me why I shouldn't feel my vote and support were wasted?
Your silence, sir, is deafening!

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