Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PROPHETIC VOICE: The American Angle of Repose!

I've no idea why I'm writing this post; perhaps it's my "I told you so" ego; I no longer have any confidence that anyone is listening ... regardless, America is in danger of leaning so far left it will be unable to move back to the right.

There is a principle of physics (engineering mainly) called the "the angle of repose" and is related to "the angle of recline" ... its political application might be described like this:
The "angle of repose" in political philosophy is the maximum angle to which a political party/group may be tilted before its underlying principles give way (e.g., snowflakes prior to an avalanche).

Or "the angle of recline" in political philosophy is the maximum angle which a political party/group at rest may be tilted before it irrecoverably breaks the restraining friction upon which it rests, commencing to slide until forcibly stopped by an external force.
Another way to describe this danger is by way of illustration: in the state of Georgia there is a Civil War memorial called Stone Mountain, on the top of which is a warning sign and (I am told) a line painted beyond which the sight seer may not pass. This point is the point beyond which the visitor will be unable to return to a fixed position.

In the case of political philosophies, proceeding experimentally or vicariously beyond a particular point will always result in an irreversible forward motion and the inability to recover one's footing.

The linked post (and hundreds of others) at The Brussels Journal simple points out that Europe, in real time, has passed that point. It will, short of a continental civil war, never recover its once glorious footing. The inattentive citizens of Europe have had their freedom and liberty stolen in broad daylight by godless, leftist, self-absorbed bureaucrats.

The people of the United States of America are being manipulated by the same deranged leftist/liberal political philosophy ... I fear they've collectively passed or are in the process of passing America's unseen angle of repose or angle of recline.

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