Saturday, November 15, 2008

SATURDAY'S EPHEMERA: Linking the transitory (ephemera) every other day!

Twenty of 'em; I'm dropping the "TRANNIES" gizmo ... corny!
Here is a link 50% of you won't go to, 99% of those who do won't take the time to slog through it, even though it's one of the most timely and relevant articles of the day! [Vanity Fair; h/t E!]
I wish it were this easy! Believe me it's not! [Yahoo! News]
Microcosm of Obama "rule" seen in former New Zealand Labor Party "rule" [American Spectator]
Take the Federal Reserve test! [Hermes-Press]
African photography like you've never seen before! [Young Gallery]
More black and white photography - the article says it was his wife, but the picture sure looks like a boy to me! Regardless, what he did was apparently wrong! [The Right Perspective]
Disturbing Baltimore police behavior [YouTube] He's actually a meter maid!
View from 1776 quote re automakers bailout:
"Why waste time funneling money to socialist labor unions via GM and Ford, thence to the Democratic National Committee as campaign contributions. Why not just transfer the auto bailout money directly from the Treasury into the DNC coffers?" [Thomas Brewton]
When in a hurry, be sure to leave the window down. [Maniac World; h/t Spam Richter]

Courtesy of Another Random Day
The One's new Caddy-One will have a new state-of-the-art search-lite feature that projects the O'Bama Logo into the night sky to call Chopper-One to take his Oneness to Air Force-One! [FOXNews]
Al Sharpton's campaign motto has been redacted to "Yes We Did!" Does this mean there is hope for a post-election investigation of Obama's financial improprieties? Nnnaaauuuggghhhttt!!! ) See also Ironic Surrealism's Velvet Hammer) [Yahoo! News]
What Mellanie Phillips says! [Spectator; h/t Black Kettle]
But can they make tequila out of diamonds. [Blogrunner]
I'd wager he was praying for number 33. [FOXNews]

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