Wednesday, November 12, 2008

THURSDAY'S TRANNIES: Linking the transitory (ephemera)!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "As I watched the press conference on Friday [11/7/08] given by President-elect Barack Obama, I asked myself, 'How did this 47-year-old African-American with no executive experience and only three years in the Senate become the most powerful political leader in the entire world?'" [WND - Samuel Blumenfeld (h/t Black Kettle)]
118th pyramid found in Egypt... and it appears to be a small puppy! []
CAIR demands DHS explain 2004 'Profiling' of Muslims ... duh!
[PR News Wire]
El Baradei says Obama openness will loosen lips in Iran; yea, right! [Yahoo! News]
Sharia push in UK and EU continues coming to America soon [Jihad Watch]
Anglican angst ... bout time! [National Post]
Whales and subs back to ground zero! [Yahoo!]
When you smell democrat desperation in the air, does it smell of hypocrisy? [Q & O; h/t Maggie's Farm]
MUSLIM MEDICINE: Hypocritical Oath [Yahoo!]
How does this happen! [Yahoo!]
A Picture is worth $78.20. [Maggie's Farm]
The Big Three automakers remind me of my dog Buck ... blind, deaf, can't raise himself, cranky, incontinent, 105 years-old, and wanders ... I put him down recently! Nuff said! [FOX Business]
Multiculturalism and its link to Nazi-like nationalism or vice-versa [Brussels Journal]
Good news ... Bhudda's back! When was he gone? [FOXNews]
And in closing: good news about "the One" and his foreign policy! [Europe News]

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