Monday, December 08, 2008

FAITH: Ephemeral links by their common ancestry!

The CRIB's periodically fugacious ...
  • Russell D. Moore at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary leads off his pro-life commentary with this ...
    Ross Douthat heroically engages the attempt to blame the meltdown of the Republican Party on pro-lifers.
    [NYT; Moore to the Point]

  • CELEB TESTIMONY #1 - Celebrity testimonies give me a pain where the grass won't grow. Here is an entertaining testimony by a well-know celebrity ... and not a single mention of Jesus, sin, confession, forgiveness, or the need for a Savior. [Powerline; h/t Maggie's Farm]

  • CELEB TESTIMONY #2 - Jessica Simpson wants to return to her roots ... will her public give her a chance? Based on her behavior and her words, I'm curious just who her father might be? [John 8:48; Christian Post]

  • CELEB TESTIMONY #3 - Have you ever wondered about Willie Nelson's faith? Well, wonder no longer! [Moore to the Point]

  • The Miracle of Hope ... no not BHO's, Angola's ... no not the country, the prison. Yeh! The one in Louisiana.

    We watched the documentary last night and was blessed. I wonder though how long it will be before the ACLU and the other God haters try to shut down the success of this faith-based effort?
    [Christian Post; buy the DVD at BrooklynTabernacle]

  • Atheism vs Christianity; especially the latter as it relates to our nation's foundations from the mind of a critical thinker. [Hillsdale; h/t View from 1776]

  • Montana is not that far from Oregon, so this is not surprising; what continues to be surprising is the arrogance of man. [FOXNews]

  • Words have meaning; without words, there is no meaning; without traditional and historical words, traditions and history lose meaning, without which a nation has no meaning! [Telegraph UK; h/t Black Kettle]

  • The Grand Duke of Luxembourg (a Catholic) is opposed to euthanasia (and so is the Vatican); refuses to sign a law permitting the practice. However, the Prime Minister (also a Catholic and leader of the country's "Christian" Socialist Party) endorses killing the unwanted and inconvenient; he is in a position to push legislation that would downgrade the Grand Duke's legislative role. Three cheers for murder! Yahoo! [Times Online; h/t Cranmer]

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