Thursday, December 11, 2008

FAITH: Ephemeral links by their common ancestry!

The CRIB's periodically fugacious concerning people and events of faith ...
  • NAE in hot water again ... this time for an NAE executive's personal views concerning traditional values (abortion, gay marriage) as they relate to elections and candidate qualifications. [Christian Post] UPDATE: Exec resigns.

  • EUTHANASIA: American retires to UK in order to go to Switzerland to end his suffering now a docu-celeb! I don't begrudge him his choice but it doesn't change who gives and takes life (Deuteronomy 32:39). [Sky News; h/t FOXNews]

  • If you are a regular at The CRIB you may have noticed there's no ephemeral category for "Sports." That's because we stopped being a fan when athlete felonies exceeded hail-marys.

    But then I didn't know about this ... awesome! I'd love to attend! Nothing better than a squad of God's men singing His praises!
    [Christian Post]

  • Yea, and we have the "right" to be self-indulgent fools as well, I guess! [FOX News]

  • Lisa Miller in her Newsweek cover story offers an excellent example of what happens when you buy into the teachings of liberal theologians. Speaking out of the natural man rather than the supernatural man, rather than change her worldview to accommodate His message, Miller redacts His text in order to fit her message. [Newsweek; h/t News Busters (related: Is Newsweek's Meacham challenging religious America?)]

  • This is the reason I'm more forgiving of Bush 43's record concerning issues of faith over the past 8 years ... he simply doesn't know any better! [FOX News]

  • The Cardinal, the Madonna, and the Dictator (or more relevantly - the apostate, the sinner, and the oppressor) ... definitely a sign of the times! [Yahoo! News]

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