Saturday, January 29, 2005

BETTER BEHAVIOR - In Canada no less!

New Attitude Designs of Prince George, BC, CANADA, has come up with an innovative child behaviour modification tool called The Better Behavior Tool.

It won't work on politicians or the main stream media so we'll have to go back to spanking them. Their web site says,
Child behavior management and positive parenting (without spanking) made easy with this upbeat, fun parenting tool.In Canada this is important since the Social Engineering psychobabblists took spanking away from parents.
Their site goes on to explain ...

The Better Behavior Wheel gives you an upbeat tool for managing your kids' behavior and restoring sanity in your household. Effective parenting becomes easier with this unique child discipline tool. The atmosphere in your family will improve immediately as behavior modification is accomplished with fun and effectiveness.

Here's how it works ...

The Wheel comes with several blank disks and 64 different consequences and rewards, all on peel and stick paper. Sit down with your child and mutually agree on which consequences should be placed on the disks. Use those provided or make up your own. When your child misbehaves, it's time to step up to the Wheel. Wherever the spinner lands is the consequence that must be followed.

DISCLAIMER: This blog receives not $ from New Attitudes nor is this a product endorsement ... I just liked the silly thing.

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