Saturday, January 29, 2005

IRAQI ELECTIONS - Possible Shia theocracy?

I'm a realist by nature; however optimism and hope play a huge part in my life. I'm optimistic tomorrow's election in Iraq will lead to an authentic democratic constitution; I'm hopeful a truly representative form of government will emerge. My realistic nature, however, tells me it is possible Iraq will end up a theocracy.

There are those who pessimisticly suspect a Shia majority will quickly lead the new nation under the rule of Islamic law, creating a theocracy. If that is done, I pessimistically believe civil war will result. The Kurds and Sunnis would not stand for it. And, it would not be the first time a nation we helped turned out to be an enemy or in a bigger mess.

Iraq was at one time a well educated and successful society, I hope there are enough of those Iraqis remaining or returning to lead to educational and governmental reforms. My hope and prayers are for the people of Iraq.
Commenting on a New York Times article, Baptist Press reports ...

Senior leaders of the United Iraqi Alliance, the coalition of mostly Shiite groups that is poised to capture most of the votes, have combated the notion that strict religious Shiite Islamic domination will emerge from the elections, insisting that they will nominate a lay person as the country's next prime minister and exclude Islamic clerics from running any of the government ministries ....

"There will be no turbans in government," Adnan Ali, a senior leader of the Dawa Party, one of the largest Shiite parties, told The Times. "Everyone agrees on that."

That's hopeful, but hope placed in others with a world-view different than ours has more than once been revealed to be simple barn fudge.

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