Tuesday, January 25, 2005

FREE WILL - Can math prove its existence?

The New Zealand Herald issued a piece on the subject of free will that caught this believer's attention (especially following last week's revelation concerning British professor Anthony Flew and intelligent design):

A fascination with children's games has led mathematician John Conway to a
mathematical proof of the existence of free will.

Dr Conway, a British-born professor at America's Princeton University, became famous in the maths world in 1970 when he invented a whole new theory of numbers based on simple games.

Six months ago he and a colleague, Simon Kochen, made another breakthrough with a mathematical proof that, if even a single human being can decide freely whether or not to drop a pen on the ground, then every particle in the universe must be able to exercise similar free will. "This has changed my view of the universe," Dr Conway said yesterday in Auckland, where he will give a public lecture on his new theory tomorrow night.

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