Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ORIGINS - Where the blog got its name!

Jazlowiec is an ancient Jewish community in Poland. Legend surrounds the origins of the town but one quote from a biography of the place (click on title link) caught my eye:

The legend describes the arrival of an Armenian group to a green valley surrounded by three hills where they took their rest in a long migration from their Caucasian country to the west. As they looked upon the peaceful scene, they were taken aback by the resemblance to the country they had left behind.

They also recognized the valley as a suitable grazing pasture to raise cattle and sheep, and decided to make it their home. Because of excellent sheep-grazing conditions, they called the place "the sheep's crib," or "jaslo owiec" in Polish. This bears a close resemblance to the town's name, but does not lend enough credence to the legend to make it sound factual.

Knowing my blog will someday be legendary, I decided to document its meaning now - "a place of excellent grazing conditions for all God's sheep." The legend begins.


  1. I was wondering where the title came from. Thanks for the bit of history.

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Thanks for the interesting background on the name of your blog. I, too, was wondering where the name came from.