Thursday, January 27, 2005

HOUSE DIVIDED - Can it stand?

Regardless of your position on the entertainment world's morals or ethics, one thing is for sure, those with them, and an active faith in God, will increasingly be asked to compartmentalize their secular world and their spiritual values.

Increasingly we must decide which comes first: our faith or our culture? Can the faith survive if the culture does not? Can the culture survive if those with a faith-based world-view do not?

The linked Fox News report and the Christianity Today article reveal the struggle between the two.

For those making excuses for the Muslim communities among us, the Fox News piece confronts the reality of how Islamo-fascists resolve the conflict. Their cry, "Give us (the religious and secular leaders) the same freedoms you enjoy but don't expect us to pass them on to our people. And, by the way, our people are not your people, so don't tell us how to treat them even though they live in your country."

Heeellllllooooo? Is anyone listening?

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