Thursday, January 27, 2005

JURY DUTY - Doesn't work

With the great exception of "innocent until proven guilty," much of our legal system was born out of British law. Add to that recent spates of judicial tyrnny and the main stream media's, academia’s, and the left's infatuation with everything European (not to mention the SCOTUS's penchant to use international law of late) and you have reason to be concerned with the following:

Juries: the evidence is clear...dump them
Simon Jenkins

The jury system is widely held to be the cornerstone of British justice and the Lord Chancellor wants more people to take part. But it is an anachronism and should be scrapped.


Most countries - no less liberal and progressive than Britain - regard the assessment of legal evidence as a matter for trained professionals. Likewise surgeons decide on the type of operation, teachers on the aptitude of pupils, engineers on the strength of bridges. Many such decisions have “subjective” elements, but are not given to lay determination. A mass of serious quasi-judicial decisions are now taken by civil servants without juries. Children may be removed from families, the mentally ill incarcerated, homes compulsorily purchased, communities wrecked by roads, prisoners denied parole. Criminal trial by jury is an exhibitionist archaism.

Oh boy! Look out you Colonialists; the progressive and ethereal Europeans are knocking!

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