Thursday, January 27, 2005

LATIN LITIGATION - Catholic sues Catholics!

From AgapePress ...

An organization called De Fide has filed denunciation suits with Catholic Church authorities against five pro-abortion politicians.

Mark Balestrieri, a Canon lawyer, says heresy is the basis for the denunciation suits filed this week against the Catholic lawmakers. "When Catholics publicly proclaim a doctrine which denies or doubts a truth of divine and catholic faith ... knowing that it contradicts a dogma -- he or she commits heresy," the attorney explains.

The penalty for heresy is strict, according to church law. "The moment a baptized Catholic politician publicly professes the civil right to abortion, he or she is presumed, at Canon law, to have incurred the sanction of excommunication," Balestrieri says.

The Denunciations for Heresy were filed against John Kerry, Edward Kennedy, Thomas Harkin, and Susan Collins -- all current members of the U.S. Senate - and Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York. The official papers are being translated in Latin, as required, and will be presented to the Vatican in a couple of weeks. [Bill Fancher]

For this believer, I wish we had more of this throughout the Christian community so that we might at least clean up some of the garbage lying around the church landscape.

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