Thursday, January 27, 2005

RU-486 ADVERSE EVENTS - Manslaughter by any other name!

From AgapePress ...

The medical industry calls them "Adverse Events Reports" -- but Concerned Women for America calls them confirmation that RU-486 is a killer. The pro-family group requested, under the Freedom of Information Act, that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) produce the reports filed by doctors, Danco (RU-486 manufacturer), and women themselves.

CWA says the reports prove that "healthy women to (sic) take [the abortion drug] can end up with life-threatening, even fatal, complications," and that there is "case upon case of women being rushed to hospital emergency rooms after taking RU-486."

Wendy Wright, senior policy director CWA, says RU-486 has but one purpose: to kill a human being. "Abortion proponents claim that RU-486 is safe. These documents prove otherwise," she says. "[They] show that many times there are two victims."

The group has posted the Adverse Events Reports on their website. "If this information had been available earlier, perhaps some women could have been spared the devastating effects," Wright says.

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