Thursday, January 27, 2005

MIDDLE EAST - Democracy on the move!

The AP is reporting that George W. just might be right.
King Abdullah II, while urging citizens in neighboring Iraq to vote in this weekend's elections, said he would introduce some limited democratic reforms in his kingdom.
Thanks to the Wichita Eagle for the link.


  1. That's not what I read. Check this out.

  2. Thanks to Biker for the heads up on the NewsMax piece (dateline 1/26/05) which addresses comments by Mr Zaid El-Rifal, president of the Jordanian Senate. However, the Eagle report is on comments made by King Abdullah II (dateline 1/27/05)) ... I think a King still captures a pawn.

    The King's comments were oriented around small democratic reforms within Jordan; whereas the context of the Senator's remarks were centered on the elections in Iraq and the here and now in the Middle East.

    The Senator is further refuted by the evidence of the Afghan and Palestinian elections.