Friday, January 21, 2005

SPIRITUAL WARFARE - Terrorist's view!

More on our war against evil people (i.e., spiritual warfare) and cold blooded killers (i.e., temporal warfare) ...

Double Toothpicks brings our attention to a warning from Islamic Army in Iraq (13 January) via One Hand Clapping ... in the terrorists own words:
"Our view of the [Iraqi] elections: ...As the praised one has said, 'And kill them until there is no more dissent and the religion of Allah is supreme.' ... When the infidel Americans and their allies became weak and the burden [of Iraq] became unbearable, they decided to rescue their remaining dignity by using so-called democracy to rule over us using our own people. ...... In this statement we reveal some evidence of why democracy should be prohibited and why it stands in opposition to the religion of Allah." [Emphasis mine; unfortunately the link to the terrorist statement is PDF and I couldn't get it opened]

Donald Sensing, blog boss at One Hand, summarized it for me:

"The battle lines are well drawn and should be well understood by all Americans and Europeans. If religion can be defined as that which forms one's ultimate concerns, then the war against Islamic terrorists should be defined as a religious war - even more so because, as the president explicitly realized today, America was founded on the notion that human liberty is a condition of our creation by God."


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