Saturday, January 22, 2005

TOLERANCE - Technically in the soup!

From Agape Press ...

A scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop in San Antonio, Texas, says she wants to get the word out that a San Francisco software distributor is ... discriminating against the Boy Scouts of America.

Melissa Holman wanted to purchase a Microsoft program to update her small troop's computer system, so she contacted, which offered ... discounts to nonprofit organizations. Holman soon learned, however, that this discount policy apparently did not apply to the Boy Scouts. "The order went unfulfilled," she says, "and I called to find out the status of the order about a month and a half later. And the gentleman on the phone told me, 'Oh, I'm sorry, we don't do business with the Boy Scouts because of their stand against homosexuality.'"

When Holman responded by saying she would go to the website to cancel her order, she says the vendor ... told her she need not do that. All the scout troop leader had to do ... was write a letter saying she disagreed with the BSA and its stand on homosexuality, and the company would be happy to fulfill her order.

But instead, Holman wrote a letter to cancel the order and contacted Microsoft, asking the software giant to no longer allow to carry its software.

The powers to be at Techsoup can't be blamed for their world-view; obviously, none of them were ever Scouts.

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  1. The BSA should be applauded,not punished, for their stand on homosexuality. A boycott on that company, I say.