Friday, February 11, 2005

AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY - Don't abdicate it!

I know this will sound like a nit, but I have long been worried about the tendency of some in our country to encourage apeing European trends. A few of our Surpreme Court justices and whole truckloads of congressmen are guilty of it. There are dozens of examples of the price paid by sovereign European nations who joined the EU.

Our own colonies faced the federal behemoth during our struggle for independence and unity; a condition some feel was instrumental in the cause of our Civil War. Sovereignty, once abdicated can never be regained short of war.

The following from Scotsman.Com is an unforseen consequence of Scotland's loss of sovereignty in its relationship to the European Union:

Slopping-out prisoners 'to sue for £100m'
Hamish MacDonell & John Robertson

Inmates and former prisoners from all over Scotland are expected to demand tens of millions of pounds in damages from the taxpayer, following a landmark ruling yesterday on slopping-out. Three judges decided to throw out an appeal by the Scottish Executive on slopping-out - an appeal which ministers had hoped would prevent a mass of legal challenges against them.

The judgment now means that anybody who has, or previously had, no access to proper in-cell toilet facilities when in custody, and has had to slop-out their cells every morning, has the potential to sue the Executive under the European Convention on Human Rights. It is likely to lead to a high number of cases, with some estimates suggesting the cost could be £100 million or even more.
Globalists' misguided belief that we can all be one under the sun is just that - misguided. This world will never be one people. And every effort to make them be will have thousands of unintended consequences, and it will be the democratic nations who suffer the most under global mandates.

All we have to do is look at that shinning international example called the United Nations and we can see what dozens of divergent world-views working together with tons of money is able to accomplish.

Of all the organizations that I can think of who've helped maintain class distinctions, increase poverty, encourage human slaughter, foster depravity, and ignore evil I can't think of one more proficient at it than the United Nations. Now the European Union is gaining on the leader.

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