Monday, February 14, 2005

CHILD ABUSE - Where is CPS when you need them?

Where is California's Department of Child Protective Services when you need them?

Child abuse reported right there on the front page of the Victorville (California) Daily Press, and I don't see any parents or teachers being hauled away in handcuffs.

Six simulated gay weddings presented by student members of the Silverado High School Gay-Straight Alliance are scheduled for the school's two lunch periods on Friday.

Three couples — two female and one male — will say vows while another student officiates the ceremonies. The students then plan to address students about their support of gay marriage, alliance members said Wednesday.

"We're not hurting anyone by our actions," said Logan Vigdor, treasurer of the alliance. "We're not trying to promote homosexuality; we're promoting acceptance and tolerance."

Some parents, students and community leaders have already planned to protest the simulated weddings.
Some more questions:

Don't we put our kids in high school to be educated by highly paid professionals because we all agree they aren't old enough to make adult decisions on their own?

And aren't we trying to guide our kids away from a life focused three feet off the pavement?

Okay, let me ask you this, what in the Hades is going on in our taxpayer supported schools that is helping our kids avoid this garbage? Nothing! That's what!

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