Monday, February 14, 2005


When the press and a "religious" liberal meet to talk, one never knows what will result. It is one thing to "be" ignorant in private but quite another to write something and reveal it to the world.
The following appeared in
Greenwich Time ...

Radical Muslims and fundamentalist Christians may exploit the gap between Islam and the West through violence, but the world's two major religions can co-exist peacefully, a religious figure said yesterday.
First, what evidence does the writer have that "fundamentalist Christians" are exploiting "the gap between Islam and the West through violence"? There is no moral equivalency here, period!

Second, the tie between his use of "Christians" and "the West" is clear; so, is the Time Staff Writer (Michael Dinan) suggesting Christianity is a Western phenomena? Has he not heard, does he not know? Duh!

Third, excluding Judaism and Catholicism in his opening statement, "Radical Muslims and fundamentalist Christians," Dinan now lumps them together in the conflicting statement "the world's two major religions" without even taking a breath.

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