Saturday, February 12, 2005

DAWN EDEN - God blog silence is deafening!

Every day we read the MSM's view of things; every night we hear their view of things; never do they resist the application of their point of view as seen from their particular view of the world.

I do the same thing in my posts, everyone does.

Even Dawn Eden, recently fired from the New York Post as copy editor for editing a piece on New York Senate Minority Leader David Paterson’s plan for a state-sponsored stem-cell institute, does.

So what is the big deal? What's got my shorts in a knot? It is the underlying anti-Christian, anti-converted Jew, anti-Judeo-Christian world-view bias that I see in this story.

George Gurley suggests it was the animus of the paper's Editor-in-Chief, Col Allan. Gurley goes on to suggest that Eden's unforgivable sin was the inclusion of "her" world-view (a decidedly pro-life view of things) in "her" editing. What do you want to bet, Allan got a call from Paterson, and Allan caved. So much for supporting the front-line troops if so!

So much for freedom of thought in the MSN ... ooppss, what am I thinking, that went out in the '60s and '70s.

To make matters worse, according to Eden, Women's Wear Daily produced a hit piece on her (retracted later) in their "Memo Pad" (registration required) column, accusing her of improperly accessing and modifying editorial page files ... Eden responded, "(I was) a copy editor on the NEWS copy desk and not the EDITORIAL PAGE department, I had NO computer access to the editorials."

Christian bloggers ... where have we been on this story? The blogosphere has rightly eaten Eason Jordan alive; but here we have an outspoken believer being done in by the behemoth and the God bloggers are silent?

UPDATE: other bloggers who've blogged on this ..

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