Saturday, February 12, 2005

GODBLOG HYPOCRISY - Killing us softly!

Hypocrisy in the blogosphere will kill it someday, just as character flaws are choking the life out of legacy media. But hypocrisy from those who do not identify themselves with God will be easily forgiven and just as easily forgotten. Why? Because they claim no relationships which imply certain understood values and standards associated with that relationship.

But not so with those who identify themselves with God and who use His name to build a sense of trust with their audience. Hypocrisy amongst these will not be forgiven or forgotten by those living outside that relationship.

They will be viewed in the same way as the "honey bucket" man whose rig proudly displays the ichthus (fish symbol) alongside the company name; the same rig seen outside the Deja Vu Gentlemen's Club each Saturday night until after midnight.

If God bloggers choose to engage in a blog swarm to right a wrong and obtain some justice in an unjust world in order to achieve some secular purpose, that is their privilege. But when these same God bloggers choose to sit out a similar situations involving the family of God because no High Priest of blogging is associated with the issue, and because the high traffic sites seem to be avoiding it ... that my friends is hypocrisy.

The ruler of this world will test the Godblogdom over and over until it finds the chink in its armor, and then he will strike and kill the thing.

For the Godblogdom, hypocrisy is like smoking - it won't kill you right away but everyone who sees you doing it knows you're slowly killing yourself.

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