Thursday, February 03, 2005


Back around January 27th I picked up an Orwellian story concerning the FBI questioning a pastor about his abortion sermons. You can read my original post here.

Baptist Press News has now picked up the story originally rejected by The Pathway, the Missouri Baptist Convention state paper. My hope is that the pressure continues and puts a stop to this kind of American SS tactic.

A number of bloggers have posted on this ... I got my lead from Stacy Harp at Media Soul, who got hers from Right Minded, who got his from Lee Warren, who wrote the original piece for The Pathway, whose friend is the pastor in question here.

Even though the article in BPNews doesn't mention the blogosphere involvement, kudos to the sphere all the same.

UPDATE: HT - MediaSoul ... Right Minded and Lee Warren are one and the same.
UPDATE #2: HT - WorldMagBlog ... and more recent information at TheSouthern.Com ...

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