Thursday, February 03, 2005

MSM IGNORES NJ MURDERS - Not Laci or OJ or Blake!

Agape Press reports on an interview with Victor Modecai concerning the murder of an entire Coptic Christian family in New Jersey. Mordecai is an Israeli Middle East expert whose wife is Egyptian (see also my 1/21 post) ...

Mordecai says ... Coptic Christians have fled the persecution of the Islamic majority in Egypt ... the persecution does not stop.

He says. "[Moslems] will not allow a Coptic Christian even to be a Christian in America, even though this is the United States of America. In other words, the bottom line of the Moslems is to convert everyone to Islam."

"What really, really aggravates me is that the media will focus on O.J. Simpson and his case for two years [and] it will focus on Laci Peterson," he notes, "but when you have Moslems ... slitting of the throats and killing, then nobody wants to talk about it because it's not politically correct."

And the blogosphere is not much better: why is it spending so much time on Jordan Eason/CNN and not on this story? We've known of CNN's integrity since the Gulf War in '91?

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