Monday, February 28, 2005

JUDICIAL TYRANNY - At the judge's door!

My post last week regarding a planned protest at the church of the judge in the Terri Schiavo case garnered no small amount of traffic ... whether in agreement or not I don't know. However, I felt strongly about the point I tried to make.

Along those lines, I have strong beliefs concerning the tension between activist zeal and common sense when it comes to activism.

One thing conservatives have been fighting against is judicial tyranny; we want them to stop justices from making law by decree! What we've been saying we want is for judges to interpret and apply the law, not make new law!

The cause of this judicial behavior seems to be peer pressure; pressure publicly applied by special interest groups who hold cultural or moral views in harmony with a judge's personal world-view. His opinions then align with the opinions of the pressure groups not the law.

As believers and conservatives we best be certain we don't cause any of the men in the black to make new law based upon our activism, no matter the righteous character of our cause, that would be counterproductive to our effort to stop judicial tyranny.

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