Friday, February 18, 2005

KINGDOM BLOGGING - Around the Sphere Today!

Daily post of things I've read and like in the Kingdom part of the blogosphere (updated as I go) ...

Decision '08
If you've not been following Mark Coffey's JFK the Sequel, do yourself a favor, scoot on over and catch up before you get behind.

Dappled Things

Jim Tucker, blogger at DT, says excavations at the Basilica of St Paul Outside-the-Walls and the discovery of a stone sarcophagus that may well be the Apostle Paul's. (HT: RogueClassicism and DT)

Double Toothpicks

Blogger Steve Bragg links to Dawn Patrol and Bunny Diehl for a piece on the "gay gene." The Mustanski study (yet to be published) from University of Illinois at Chicago says no such gene exists.

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