Tuesday, February 22, 2005

KINGDOM BLOGS - Around the Sphere Today! (2/22/05)

Periodic post of things I've read and like in the Kingdom part of the blogosphere (updated as I go) ...

Stu's Rants ...

Posted on his day at home, sick, and watching the two-year old (probably how he got sick) ... in spite of the bug, Stu's head and heart were clear enough to discuss the meaning of Jesus' words in John 15:5, "apart from Me you can do nothing."

Posts on Vox Apologia VI ... which is - a web-based discussion hosted by a different blogger each week. This week Phil at Every Thought Captive is the host. This week's topic is "the opportunities and challenges of biotechnology ...." Chad says, "Let's see if we can add something intelligent to the conversation." These guys have too much time on their hands.

A thought provoking post last on the role of patriotism in the church ... from last Thursday, normally I don't go backwards in this whirlwind tour of blogspace, but this is thought provoking. I don't agree with Ben, but what the heck ... see for yourself!
... more at 5:00 pm today ...

Dawn Eden cuts through the fog created by Terri Schiavo's narcissistic ex-husband and his apologists. The NPR contradiction is indeed shameful and indicates a head which speaks to its own ears which cannot hear what its mouth just said!

DISCLAIMER: my posting a comment on or a link to someone's site is not necesserily an endorsement of their theology or their world-view; I visit "Christian" sites and commnent of what I like ... and perhaps sometimes what I don't like ... that's all.

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