Saturday, February 19, 2005

MILITARY MUD - The dirty side of war!

I don't care what others will say about this scandal, it's what I will say that really matters to me and the ones I love ... especially as it relates to my service to the King of kings and His kingdom.

Though disgusting, immoral, decadent and all those other words that rise up in one's mind when confronted with this debauchery, it is the offense to God that offends me the most.

Throughout Islam, the United States is seen as a Christian nation which supports the Jewish people, that alone is believed to be worthy of death by a devout Muslims. They also see us as a depraved and immoral nation; ditto Israel.

This kind of thing is that confirms to Muslims that they must eradicate us from the face of the earth in order to cleanse Allah's world. This kind of activity, by default, brings reproach upon the name of our God ... offending first the King and then His kingdom.

Today is Saturday, a day of worship in the Muslim world ... one can only imagine what their Imans and Ayatollahs are saying about "the Great Satan" America and her people because of these idiots and their lack of maturity and morals.

I for one blame their immediate and up line superiors, not the troops! I suggest two or three layers of immediate command officers be canned for this ... nothing less than an immediate and public rebuke of this can hope to restore our dignity. This is not something that can be pooh-poohed into irrelevance. Demotion at the troop level is unacceptable.

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