Sunday, February 20, 2005

TERRI SCHIAVO - Who's to get the glory?

Paul Deignan of InfoTheory has an interesting proposition: buy Terri's obfuscating husband off! Paul writes ...

It seems clear to me at least that the motivation of the "husband" was originally monetary and is now both monetary and pride. If offered enough money (something over $50,000), would the "husband" relinquish custody of Terri to her parents? I will put forward $100 myself to test this idea.

I think this is a genuine offer with a genuine faith-based motivation ... but I have reservations.

It seems to me we should not just try to give Terri her life back but bring God glory while promoting the sanctity of human life at the same time.

Were the drive to be successful, we could rightfully claim bragging rights and say that God used us to stop another innocent person from having their life taken from them. And that is well and good; I would rejoice with all of you in the knowledge that Terri lives ... against all odds.

But the world would laugh at such a victory and mock our methods and cruelly remind us of what we have done to Terri and her family ... as well as throw the actuarial costs in our face as long as Terri lives in her coma.

But it seems to me if we push the protest envelope and pray until our knees are flattened, and in the end God reveals a way that could only be from His hand of mercy -- as in the case of Sarah Scantlin -- then God's enemies' tongues would cleave to the roofs of their mouths and their lips would stop flapping in the breeze of denial and God would be glorified.

We could then look back and know that He had done this thing, just as the crowd at Lazarus' resurrection from the dead knew it was not those who removed the burial clothing but God who did that thing.

Please understand, my main goal is to see Terri live and love and laugh again ... what do you think?

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