Wednesday, February 02, 2005

NUTTY SCIENCE - Or are scientists nuts?

Sydney University of Medicine now reports perhaps exposure to the sun is a good thing.

Australia's National Nine News reports this morning ...

Research found that melanoma patients with higher levels of sun exposure or skin awareness were less likely to die from melanoma than patients with lower levels.

Isn't this the same group who told us eggs were bad for you before they told us they weren't? And weren't these the people who said coffee was bad for us before they said it wasn't? And weren't there two or three other things they warned us about before they told us they were wrong?

Isn't this the same group who brought us the arguments against Intelligent Design and want to teach evolution to our kids as absolute science and not theory? And wasn't it this field that brought us pyscho-babble? And we're letting them near our children?

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