Tuesday, February 01, 2005

JOEL OSTEEN - Revisited!

The fight for truth I love, because Jesus is the Truth! Piling on I do not like.

This morning I wrote on Michael Spencer's call for bloggers to out Joel Osteen. At that time, I said I'd be back to this issue as soon as I had time to pray and think about it.

Also at that time, I said I generally agree with the intent and focus of Spencer's call. However the piling on in the "comments" that followed Michael's post troubled me. It reminded me of what I saw after a Little League game last year. A brawl broke out near the first baseline bleachers, soon 15-20 adults were involved in the melee.

After about a minute of fighting, two large guys (turns out they were brothers) ran in from the side and began to blindside anyone who happened to be near their fists. It turned out they coldcocked people from both sides ... it was the fight and the smell of blood that brought the vultures to their victim's sides.

I'm sure the comment were well intentioned and I know that Michael is ... but I don't like piling on, while at the same time I don't like preachers who preach another gospel and who are afraid of proclaiming the wages of sin.

More later ...

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