Thursday, February 24, 2005


The recent admissions of immoral and ungodly behavior by pentacostal evangelist Paul Cain (believed by many to be a cult leader) makes me once again ask, "What is going on inside pentacostalism? Why do so many controversies seem to arise out of their body?"

I'm not interested in throwing stones, every faith family of any size seems to have had its history of bad apples. But doesn't it seem interestingly strange that the Bakkers, Jimmy Swaggart, Gene Scott, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, and now Paul Cain derived out of pentacostal roots?
Consider also that the "oneness" or "Jesus only," the "Brownsville" and "Toronto" blessings, and the "Latter Rain" and "Third Blessings" controversies had their origins in pentacostal minitries?

Three of our children were educated in a Christian School, founded by a pentacostal church, where we met some of the sweetest most committed believers ever.

But what breeds this stuff inside their fellowship? The zeal? The freedom? Sin? What?

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