Friday, February 18, 2005

TERRI SCHIAVO - I love this woman!

Don't any of you tell my wife but I'm madly in love with another woman ... her name is Terri Schiavo. She smiles and grins like the sun in the morning and the stars at night.

Would you pray for Terri and her cause right now? Yes, right now?

You see Terri is not able to communicate in so many words, in fact she can't communicate in words. Though there are signs she tries to form words. But that doesn't mean she won't some day (see here for why I believe this); and I want her to know that I loved her even before she could tell me she knows I do.

I'm not her only suitor ... hundreds of others are fighting for Terri because they love her too. We don't love her because we're special people; we don't love her because she is special; we don't love her because it's the right thing to do ... no, we love her because she was created in the image of God and because He loves her. After all, God is the one who breathed the spirit of life into her and He is the one who sustains her even now.

If God wanted Terri to die, there would be no need to post this.

According to Pro-Life Blogs their goal of 100 bloggers was reached yesterday; this was their goal for launching a blog dedicated just to Terri; they announced ...

Having met the milestone we have launched BlogsforTerri as a central point for future information and to promote and network with TERRI's Team of 100 Bloggers.

It's not too late to join the BlogsforTerri, just click on over to the Pro-Life Blogs and sign up.

See here and here for other CRIB posts on Terri.

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