Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Now that we have a real live, contemporary example of the value of life in the recovery of Sarah Scantlin, the blogosphere needs to push the envelope as far as its arm can reach ... especially people of faith (see my post on hypocrisy).

We are, and always have been, a people who respect and honor life. Until the '50s, '60s, and '70s when radicals introduced and promoted rationalism, relativism, and secularism in our schools, our media, and our entertainment, Americans were perceived in that way. It was the image we projected. But that generation, my generation, not only questioned authority, it coopted the voice of America, and in so doing conveyed the impression that a predominately "red" people were in fact "blue" people (you know what I mean).

With regard to the Schiavo-Scantlin equation: I've been taught and believe it is "just" to err on the side of caution, hope, and mercy. Though we're often forced to be arbiters of life (for example - capital punishment and national defense) we are not the Giver or the Taker of life. But the fruit of rationalism, relativism, and secularism radicals now sit on our court's benches ... everywhere! Their "blue" world-view of justice doesn't include caution, hope, or mercy! For these blue people in robes, values are neither rational, relative, or in the best interest of a secular society, they are emotional and it is their job to see that they do not enter their sanctuaries.

I have great hope for the blogosphere in this area - justice and the traditional way of American life - but it's going to take continuous pressure on those with an opposing world-view to change things for the better. Other than pushing the pro-life message, the blogosphere can get behind the president's efforts to appoint "just" justices.

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