Saturday, March 12, 2005

EVANGELICAL ACTIVISTS - Here they go again!

This is getting to be a habit ... a bad habit. The NY Times is reporting on more shenanigans by the NAE and their liberal cohorts, putting words in my mouth.

Wasn't it just a day ago that a mysterious 100 "evangelicals leaders" drafted me into the environmental movement?

Now I'm a evangelical social activist! Wow!
The National Association of Evangelicals ... opened a debate on Thursday on a document intended to expand the political platform of evangelicals beyond the fight against abortion and same-sex marriage.

The authors of the paper, "For the Health of the Nation: An Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility," said they reached a consensus between liberals and conservatives by adopting public policy goals, but not prescribing strategies to achieve them. At a luncheon held by the association on Thursday ... some evangelical leaders voiced concern that the new platform could dilute the focus of the evangelical movement by taking on too many issues.

The document urges evangelicals to address issues like racial injustice, religious freedom, poverty in the United States and abroad, human rights, environmentalism and advancing peace through nonviolent conflict resolution.
I'm so glad they didn"'t prescribe strategies to achieve this ... I just spent the past 25 years learning what God expected of me.

But I'm going to need some of their "nonviolent conflict resolution" ... 'cause if they don't stop speaking for me, I'm going to be real conflicted!

Anyone have a suggestion for what I am now that I'm no longer an evangelical?

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