Wednesday, March 16, 2005

JUDICIAL TYRANNY - I wish I said that!

From James Taranto at OpinionJournal - "Best of the Web Today" - (March 16, 2005) ...

Trickle-Down Jurisprudence

William B. Rubenstein, "a professor of law at U.C.L.A., is chairman of its Williams Project on Sexual Orientation Law," explains what the "mainstream" is. He's defending Monday's ruling by a trial judge that mandated same-sex marriage in the Golden State:

"Conservatives denounce judges who get ahead of legislatures, alleging that they are trying to change the world with a stroke of the pen, but that's not the situation in San Francisco. Same-sex couples' rights came from its legislature first, its mayor second and the judiciary last.

"It is true that Judge Kramer declared a ballot initiative enacted by the state's voters unconstitutional. But that ballot initiative was not supported by voters in the Bay Area, and it does not appear to align with the views of a majority of the Legislature in Sacramento. One can disagree with Judge Kramer's ruling, but it is difficult to argue that his views are outside the mainstream."

So, to sum up (Taranto writes):
  1. Mainstream: the mayor of San Francisco, the voters of San Francisco and vicinity, the gerrymandered Democratic majority in the California Legislature.
  2. Out of the mainstream: the majority of voters.
There truly is power in the truth ... I pray people like Taranto will keep uncovering it!

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