Monday, March 14, 2005

PRISON BLUES - They don't need no stinking Good News!

Prison officials have been sued for stopping delivery of Bible study material to inmates. The suit was filed in federal court after officials at Corcoran State Prison in California allegedly denied prison ministries the right to send -- and inmates the right to receive -- the materials.

Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus says they have sent demand letters, clearly stating the position that the prison officials' actions were illegal.

In fact, PJI contends prison authorities violated the First Amendment rights of both the inmates and the ministries. However, corrections officials did not respond. So they have proceeded to take the matter to court.

Read the whole piece here ...

NOTE: My nephew is in a California state prison and if it had not been for my family's continual witness and expression of God's love, Jim would still be involved in the Mexican Mafia. He is now a proud King's Kid.

During the time we tried to send him Christian materials we were treated very fairly by several of the institutions he's been in, stonewalled by others, and directly interferred with by one.

As a pastor working inside jails and prisons, I've found a general hostility toward outreach among prison personnel ... there appears to be a kind of cynicism all around.

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