Monday, March 14, 2005

TERRI SCHIAVO - What this woman deserves!

A lot has been written and spoken about Terri in the past couple of months and not much progress has been made with a recalcitrant ex and an obstinate judge.

But God loves Terry and so do those of us who perk up every time we see her smile or roll her eyes from side to side, watching those who are tending to her needs.

Like my friend John Schroder at Blogotional, I was just a news reader until I saw the video clips and photos. Now I am a pro-life supporter of Terri and her family. What these people plan to do is nothing less than cold-blooded, white-collar, government sanctioned murder.

Terri deserves two things:
  1. She deserves to be described as she really is - alive and living; she is not in a persistent vegetative state as many say she is ... she is not in a coma, period.
  2. She is not a criminal, but she does deserve the same Constitutional protections due any death row inmate ... presently, she is given fewer legal privileges than almost all death row residents. And yet she is on "death row."

This is patently wrong and we must put a stop to it ... what will separate us from the Nazis if we don't?

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