Friday, April 29, 2005


If you are even minimally acquainted with the New Testament, you are not going to believe this one. Saint Mike's Blog has the online take of an AP report regarding the ECUSA's controversial appointment of homosexual Geno Robinson to one their denomination's highest positions.

In an interview with the AP, presiding Bishop Frank Griswold responded to questions concerning the biblical basis of the approval of Robinson, an unrepentant practicing homosexual, with these statements ...
Circumcision was an ordinance central to Jewish identity as a chosen people. To say the Holy Spirit could fall on those uncircumcised was cataclysmic. You think we have problems? Go back to that era. And it was the Holy Spirit who did it.

[Observers and even the faithful often]
think everything should be calm and collected, but that's not always the way the Holy Spirit prods and prompts us to go beyond what seems acceptable and normative ... Some of the law needs to be kept, but not all of the law needs to be kept.
This is a man who is supposed to be a representative of truth and the teacher of the same. Excuse me but the books of Romans, Galatians, and Revelation are not part of the Old Covenant, they're part of the New Covenant in Christ's blood.

The AP cites "critics [who] say the practices defy biblical teaching against homosexuality." Oh, really? I guess; maybe just a tad!

In a related story, Griswold revealed some angst that 17 bishops in his tent went to Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican Communion, over his head. Their letter to Williams requested emergency meeting to provide "a realistic appraisal of the life of our Church."

You know the right thing to do is pray for these people. There are many godly, Christ-centered, bible believing, born-again people in the ECUSA ... they're in a world of hurt due to some really lously leadership. Join me in praying for them.

Do a search of this site for numerous other posts on the "Anglican" debaucle.

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