Thursday, April 21, 2005

PERSONAL WORD - Taking heat for preaching discussion!

I've been taking some heat for the length of a recent post ... even though it was published with a "length" warning label!

It was long because I was trying to be careful in what I said (and it might surprise some that I have a life outside of blogging ).

saying "if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen" certainly applies here! Well, I didn't get into blogging to be liked ... though I have the same expectations as everyone else ... I got into it to have fun, and because it provided this really neat venue for expression. Ain’t it great?

I admit I don't know a lot about computers or the Internet (though I know it’s capitalized), and no one, except the Blogfather, knows much about blogging; I just love to write.

So, if long posts bother you, don't read them, move on, there’s the whole blogosphere out there!

The hesitation to read anything over a paragraph long does say something about our "drive-thru" world, when people are more concerned about a post’s length than a post’s content.

I repost the conclusion of my lengthy post and ask again let's focus on the important:
Rather than beat a dead horse, I'd like to suggest we recalibrate our thinking to that focus (preaching that will cause people to listen) and ask what kind of preaching will cause believers to listen (hear), thus renewing their minds so they can be transformed to the will of God and not be conformed to the world which interferes with their "spiritual service of worship"?

What we have in Adrian's posts is a genuine desire to improve preaching to the end that our people's minds are changed to the end that God is glorified in the process by the resulting transformation of lives and worship.

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