Saturday, May 14, 2005

AMERICAN THEOCRACY - Perhaps if we ... naw!

No one is supposed to wonder if the Democrats would try building an American Theocracy ... now should we?

HT: By Dawn's Early Light

South Dakota blogger tdaxp continues the palming of another's original work and photography (if you're really interested, follow the link back to its source).

What's the story within the story? How many times have President Bush and his administration been bashed for a purported clandestine effort to turn America into a theocracy, let alone the times "the religious right," the Air Force Academy, and Christians in general have been?

I have never understood this, one side crawls all over itself to heap abuse on the other over some supposed critical issue and the MSM helps excoriate the targets ... then, the aforementioned side decides their opponents have it right, launch their own version, and MSM is nowhere to be seen. Hhhmmmm!

Perhaps it's too late on a Friday for any MSM outlets/blogs to kickstart the boilers and put something out on the Dems' efforts at taking over America for God!

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