Wednesday, May 04, 2005


According to a News Brief by Bill Fancher in Agape Press ...

The gap between the liberal Episcopal Church - which accepts and advocates abortion - and the conservative segment of the denomination continues to widen. The breakaway element, the Community of the Evangelical Episcopal Church, is seeing a steady growth while the liberal core of the denomination is losing churches, members, and money.

Lonnie Reed, a minister in the Community Church, says abortion is a tragedy that has robbed the nation. She maintains it will never be known just who has been destroyed. "How many lives do we not know because mankind has played God and has ended the lives of many?" she wonders. "We have exterminated millions of our offspring. If animals did this, I think we'd be in an uproar."

America has murdered its own offspring for convenience's sake - "that is not pleasing to God." Reed said.

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