Tuesday, June 07, 2005

CLERGY SEX ABUSE - Two more inventoried!

We've all seen it and heard about it ... so no one is surprised anymore when more Catholic priests are accused of sexual abuse.

Well, it's beginning to bother me. In a land which prides itself on the accused remaining innocent until proven guilty, we sure convict and sentence a lot of Catholic priests on the basis of accusations and administrative inquiries.

Now, I'm well aware that most of these men were and are perverts, who deserve what they get, but I remember well the false accusations of child abuse leveled against innocent people in the '80s and the early '90s; the McMartin Preschool fiasco here in Los Angeles comes to mind.

I remember the devastated lives brought about by out-of-control social engineers and bevies of psycho-babblers.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if in a few years we discover a number of innocent priests who were ruined by false accusers and over zealous superiors and perversion paranoids.

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