Monday, June 20, 2005

ORTHODOX CHURCH - Gagged & crucified is not at all orthodox!

UPDATE 6/24: The AP is reporting the arrest and detention of monk and four nuns for murder in the following case.
Gagged and crucified??? Hello, did I hear you right? I did! The priest is "unrepentant" and he had her gagged? Call CSI Bucharest ... tell them to bring vaginal swabs?
In Tanacu, Romania, a Romanian Orthodox priest who ordered the crucifixion of a young nun because she was "possessed by the devil" and now faces murder charges was unrepentant on Saturday as he celebrated a funeral mass for his alleged victim.

"God has performed a miracle for her, finally Irina is delivered from evil," Father Daniel, 29, the superior of the Holy Trinity monastery in north-eastern Romania, said before celebrating a short mass "for the soul of the deceased", in the presence of 13 nuns who showed no visible emotion.
Young priest, all alone with a house full of women in north-eastern Romania; young nun in awe of young priest; they're fighting ... hhhhmmmm? Naw ... I've been reading Galatians and James too much; probably too much Grisham as well!
Father Daniel insisted that from the religious point of view, the crucifixion of Maricica Irina Cornici, 23, was "entirely justified", but admitted that he faced excommunication as well as prosecution, and was seeking a "good lawyer". [...]

Before being crucified she had been kept shut up for several days, her hands and feet tied and without food or drink, he said. Cornici had entered the monastery just three months before, after visiting a friend who was a nun there, police said.

Daniel has lived for the past four years in the isolated monastery located in the hills of one of the poorest regions of Romania, without running water or electricity.
Well, the state will hopefully supply what the father is lacking ... personally I prefer the electricity, drowning is so Dark Ages.
"Over there, in your world, the people must know that the devil exists. Personally I can find his work in the gestures and speech of possessed people, because man is often weak and lets himself be easily manipulated by the forces of evil," said the bearded young priest.
Is that what you were thinking when you gagged the poor girl. I'm sorry, the more I read this garbage the more I'm suspicious he's covering up something he didn't want the outside world to know about.

Gagging? In an isolated monastery? Who would have heard her screams? The other nuns? Maybe they thought they'd be next?
Since the fall of the communist regime in December 1989, the Orthodox Church, which represents 85 percent of Romania's 22 million inhabitants, is rated in many opinion polls as the most trusted institution in the country.
God save us from the most distrusted institution in the country!
Vitalie Danciu, the superior of a nearby monastery at Golia, called the crucifixion "inexcusable", but a spokesperson for the Orthodox patriarchate in Bucharest refused to condemn it. "I don't know what this young woman did," Bogdan Teleanu said.
Well, Bogdan, one thing she did - she died! No wonder the world is confused about who we are!



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