Saturday, July 02, 2005

KINGDOM BLOGS - Around the Sphere Today! (7/2a)

I had so much fun doing this morning's Kingdom Blogs post I decided to do another one ... things I've read and like in the Kingdom part of the blogosphere ... the caption link will get you back to the most recent previous post on Kingdom Blogs ...
  • Soldado over at The Lord My Dad has a summary of some encouraging statistics ... according to those he cites, the church is growing and how! Encouraging, that's all I can say!

  • Michael Spencer (aka: iMonk) posts a poignant commentary on the trials and tribulations of pastoring the small church. Though I'm not sure who wrote the post (Spencer or David Hansen) it's a rehearsal of two churches I have pastored ... the first one beat me to a pulp, the second bruised me but it didn't beat me, I've been with them 12 years now! You want a look inside the pain and suffering you cause when you involve yourself in church politics, you want to know how it feels to be on the receiving end of church-family dynasties, you want sense the heart break you bring your small church pastor when you are an obstructionist ... visit this post.

  • The Minor Prophet says contemporary American Christians are not as giving when it comes to the poor as were previous generations of believers. He invites rants on his comments section.

  • "Christians and the environment" has been in the religious press and all over the blogosphere lately, so seeing a series by Ron at Northern 'burgs blog was timely. I'm not exactly sure how far back the series goes but this one is the last post and reads like its predecessors were good to go as well. He says he plans to post some pictures "today," if all goes according to plan.

  • And John "GBYAY" Brown at Scotwise says it for me, "God Bless you Dr. John Stephen, we salute you, you are a Godly inspiration to all of us!" He is referring to a 74 year-old retiree who ... oh, go check it out yourself. A worthwhile journey if you do. Bless you John Brown for reminding us it ain't over till it's over! And camp out at one of the most positive blogs around ... never a discouraging word is spoken at Scotwise.

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